The combat system in Dark Millenium is not too unlike the combat system in other MMOs. The man difference is the focus on gun warfare and a aim feature. From what trailers have shown, the game uses a TPS point and shoot targeting system for ranged combat. The game also features a HUD and action icons interface.


The HUDEdit

You have equipped items, action icons and some-other-thing on the lower HUI. These are speculated to affect combat.

Combat Edit

Ranged Combat Edit

When a Black Templar Space Marine charges a Cultist under cover. To fire at it he must aim his crossair at the enemy and issue a fire command(How?). Naturally not all the bolter shots will hit their target. If they miss while an enemy is under cover they do not do any damage at all; the round hits with a blue *cover* *cover* by the contact. If the shot is successful the target will take damage, the amount of damage taken will be shown in red. The damage in regards to the enemies total health can be seen above their character and on the HUI in greater detail.

Melee Combat Edit

Nothing just yet...