The Black Templars are a second founding Space Marine chapter succeeding the Imperial Fists. Lead by their High Marshal Helbrecht, they have a strong sense of honor and specialize in hand to hand, melee combat. 1

In Dark Millennium Online Edit

The Black Templar were called in to support the Imperial Forces sent to the Sargos Sector. They can be seen besieging an Imperial Fortress taken over by Chaos forces.

The class Black Templar Space Marine is a Black Templar.

Why Black Templar? Edit

General Manager David Adams said the Black Templar were chosen for two reasons:

Melee Focus

"So in this particular instance, the Black Templar are, they have er, you know, all space marines are awesome, super warriors, so if you imagine if there was a warrior class for the Imperium it's definitely Space marines. In addition to that the Black Templar have a tendency towards melee weapons, you know they still use bolters and stuff so... but that's their particular flavor of Space Marine." 2


"Well I mean - another cool advantage of the Black Templar is that they er, are one of the few chapters of the Space Marines were they actually have trainees in their fighting companies with them so it really gives you a chance to start out at a lower levels, you can start as a neophyte, and kinda work your way up to that iconic image of a guy in power amour so you start out as more like a scouts and work up. So it was a good opportunity because they're one of the few chapters that do that." 2

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